Shine bright and hard, flex your smile anytime with Ralph's Jewelers fully custom grills. Our grills are of the highest quality and comfort. All our grills are available in solid 10k or 14k gold and VS, VVS, and flawless diamonds. We have a full variety of grills with different gold colors, diamond colors, enamel, and gemstones. Our grills will give you the ultimate look that's full of shine and luxury. Upon purchase, you will be shipped a custom grills molding kit, you ship it back to us and we will start production on your perfect smile.

If you have any missing teeth or have questions or customization requests, contact us directly at or send us a message on our live chat on our website. Due to the customized nature of this product and the uniqueness of every customers' teeth, the final product may vary slightly from the product pictures displayed.

  • 10k Gold has 41.7% gold. It is the best value for a customer on a budget, with the strongest hardness and durability, and great shine.
  • 14k Gold has 58.3% gold. It is the best quality gold for a solid grill, with medium hardness and durability, and a bright luster.
  • VVS Diamonds - A VVS diamond  (VVS1) contains minute inclusions (VVS2) that range from extremely difficult to very difficult to see and many different types of inclusions are possible and are visible to a skilled grader using 10x magnification.
  • VS Diamonds - A VS diamond contains minor inclusions that range from difficult (VS1) to somewhat easy (VS2) to see at 10× magnification. Many different types of inclusions are possible, but they must be very small relative to the size of the diamond. Unlike SI diamonds, the flaws are almost impossible to see to the naked eye.

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